HomeLife Achievers Realty Inc., Brokerage*

HomeLife Achievers Realty Inc., Brokerage*

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HomeLife Five Star Marketing Program

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1. Why Choose HomeLife Achievers Realty?

HomeLife Achievers Realty Higher Standards Sales Representatives are trained and experienced professionals, ready to help you with every detail of buying and selling real estate. The sale or the purchase of a property can be an enormously complex procedure. This is why it pays to have a HomeLife Sales Representative on your side. From the moment your home is listed until the day you receive your money, our staff will walk you through the process of selling your home, including listing your property, considering offers, closing the sale, securing financing and moving. Typically, our Sales Representatives work five to seven days a week, including numerous evenings. This means that our Sales Representatives will be available when and where you need them.

2. The HomeLife Achievers Realty Marketing System

At HomeLife, we are dedicated to using all the resources at our disposal to sell your home. We will post your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), an electronic database that will allow REALTORS from every major firm in the country access to your listing. Your home will also be listed in our easy-to-use online 24 Hour Home Finder, which can be accessed globally at
www.homelife.ca However, we are not solely reliant on technology. We will also use effective conventional methods to sell your property, such as visiting neighbours, conducting open houses, placing an attractive sign on your property, displaying your listing at HomeLife offices, features sheets, local promotion and print advertising.

3. We're On Your Side

When it comes to selling your home, we defend your three fundamental rights: setting the right price, finding the right home buyer and making the sale in your own time frame. Your HomeLife Achievers Realty Higher Standards Sales Representative will walk you through all the complexities of selling; from evaluating your home's market value and consumer appeal to working through offers and counter offers to negotiate a final successful deal.

4. We Know Your Neighbourhood

The Sales Representatives at your local HomeLife Achievers Realty office know your neighbourhood better than anyone. Why shouldn't we? Just like you, we're an active part of the community. With an office nearby your home, you'll find HomeLife Achievers Realty Sales Representatives to be knowledgeable about local shopping, parks and schools. Knowing the neighborhood makes a difference. The connections we have to the community allow us to set strong and attractive prices, find qualified and passionate buyers, and represent your home to its fullest extent.

5. Our Promise To You Is In Writing

It takes a lot of dedication to see a Real Estate transaction through, but that's our job. That's why the HomeLife Promise of Higher Standards Service backs our effort. This is a point-by-point guarantee of the level of service you can expect from your HomeLife Sales Representative. The Promise of Higher Standards...one more reason HomeLife Achievers Realty is your best way home.

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