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Why Hire A Property Manager?

Why Hire A Property Manager?

Why Hire RCM as your Property Manager? "For Why? For What? For How Much? & Who Should Not!" Why a property management company, and why: RCM?

Some folks require a "3rd party property manager simply because they are physically leaving the immediate Toronto area, and require "local representation" by one (anyone) who may respond and act on behalf of the property owner. These folks may elect to utilize a "professional" property management company simply because this avoids involving a relative, friend, or associate, any of whom may be willing and able, but doing so would "strain" the relationship. Of course we endorse the retention of a professional, full time property management company as the best overall solution!

Others may elect to retain a "property manager" simply to avoid the necessity of their personal involvement with tenants, handling tenant disputes, dealing with rent collections, handling rent increases, lease renewals, or screening for replacement tenants (+credit, employment, income and reference checking), responding to "emergency issues", and or for arranging on-going or emergency property maintenance and dealing with various trades. Thus, wishing to avoid these situations is also a good reason for engaging the services of a property management company in general, and RCM in particular!

Others may think that there may be some "cost savings" available by utilizing a professional property manager and or management company. At the outset, one must be aware that such is not, and could never be the case. No matter what one does on their own, when a third party becomes involved, additional costs are incurred, and this includes retaining a (any) property manager or property management company, which will only "add" a below the line expense to the balance sheet for the rental property.

Cost conscious "micro-managers" who have "enjoyed" looking after their own properties need especially to be aware that when they look after their own property management needs, they do so without incurring the "cost of time" that is incurred by a third party. So (for example) when a tenant calls the "hands on property owner" to say the "faucet leaks", the owner attends at the property to check the faucet, proceeds to the hardware store for replacement parts, and returns to the property to conclude the repair. Obviously, the owner's out of pocket expense may well be only the cost of a "faucet washer" or some other nominal item. Such is definitely not the case when a "property manager" is involved! When a property manager gets the call about the "leaky tap", the property manager in turn calls a "tradesperson" to attend to the problem, and the "time-clock" starts running, until the job is done at prevailing "trade" rates", and perhaps not exactly the way the "micro-managing owner" would have done it themselves! So, if you are a "cost conscious, micro-manager", entertaining property management services, you must be prepared for incurring increased operating costs for your rental property.

Now, if you have sorted out and resolved all the above issues that have caused you to read this far, please continue! We offer the most equitable, reliable, responsible and fair-minded property management services in the greater Toronto Area!

By now, you are aware that RCM Property Management is a company dedicated to providing "Care-Free" full service Income Property Ownership for the privately owned Rental Real Estate Owner / Investor!

We operate on the premise that every rental property owner's or manager's prayer for their rental property(s) is to:  Keep It Rented, Collected & Quiet!

RCM brings decades of hands-on property management, operating and ownership experience to the rental property marketplace for: - single family, or multi-unit, townhouse, duplex, triplex, condominium apartment units and small residential apartment buildings.

When you consider "Third party" management, recognize that Landlord, uniquely offers a rental property owner the opportunity for securing their property investment, while eliminating the necessity of any personal "owner" involvement.

Additionally, please know that we have identified and utilize numerous and varied, "properly qualified and fairly priced" trades and professional resources, who may be called upon, as required. This along with being familiar with, and conversant with the legal and technical issues of rental property management in general, the Residential Tenancies Act and the Condominium Act in particular, and the sourcing of various "pre-qualified" trades and services for the novice owner, or the owner who wishes to be a passive investor, weigh heavily in favor of utilizing RCM's property management services!

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